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You may not be able to hug a real elephant, but you can certainly snuggle up with some of these super comfy elephant pillows.

Even big strong elephants need to settle down and take the occasional nap. It stands to reason that the average kid needs the same kind of consideration.

This is where our comfy, huggable elephant pillows come in.

Kids have super busy days full of learning, playing, working, and just navigating everyday life. Knowing that they have a safe spot to come back to at the end of the day is so important.

Whether your piling up pillows in a corner to create a reading nook, spreading them out across the bed for a comfier nap time, or adding them to the rocking chair for a snugly shared story, both you and your child will love these soft additions to your decor.

Speaking of decor, elephants work well in a room with an animal theme, a safari theme, a jungle theme, or even a circus theme.

Let that decorating creativity flow, and we are sure you’ll find some amazing ways to incorporate these pillows into your plans. Add a little more comfort to your – and your child’s – day.