Premium Quality, Handmade in the USA


Our elephant teepee makes a wonderful hideout and play area for the little animal lover in your life.

Elephants are known for being smart, which means they probably need a quiet place to sit down and do some serious thinking, reading, or even napping.

Our elephant teepee has you covered (both figuratively and literally).

This beautiful addition to your child’s room, playroom, or nursery will delight the little animal lover in your life.

Kids love our play TPs because they offer a chance for imaginative play and a quiet space to curl up and get comfy.

Adults appreciate these TPs because they work well in tying together a decor theme. You can bring out an accent or contrast color, highlight a favorite character or animal (like an elephant) or simply create an organized area for play.

Smaller room? These TPs easily fold up and can be stored in closets or even under a bed. If you don’t necessarily have the floorspace to give up to a permanent play structure, a teepee might be the perfect solution.

Imagine adding this lovely teepee to your child’s room. With a single structure you get to add elegance, style, and fun!