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Llama decor for fun kids full of personality! Check out our llama collection here.


Some funny, furry friends for your child’s room. Our Llama Décor collection is quirky and fun!

The kid who asks for Llama décor is likely fun and full of personality. It’s our job to meet their energy and provide some truly fun and unique items to make their dreams of a room as cool as they are come true.

Whether you’re looking to decorate a kids’ room, a playroom, or a nursery, our llama collection has everything you’ll need to make that one of a kind statement.
As for color palettes, you can take your pick.

You could go with classic, muted neutrals (perhaps in the colors of a llama’s fur?) or you could go with primaries, or even pastels. Llamas are a good gender-neutral theme too, so they work well for everyone!

When choosing décor, remember to think about the whole room. From the paint color to the carpeting and area rugs, and everything in between.

Bedding and throw pillows can do a lot to enhance a theme, as can artwork and curtains.
Get creative and have a great time designing your llama themed room!


Ready-made, matching sets to fill wall spaces with fun and imagination.


Special, whimsical pillows for an enchanted room.