Fully Customized Teepee, Mat & 4 Pillows



Choose from dozens of fabrics, and nine different pillow shapes to create the perfect compliment to your child's room.

Our handcrafted play set includes everything your little ones need for comfy, imaginative play.

This set comes with a teepee tent featuring door flaps, windows and shades. The thick matching quilt makes a perfect base, and 4 coordinating pillows complete the comfy ensemble. Includes carrying case and wood dowels.

Each order is individually made to your specifications, right here in the USA.

  • Choose the color/design of the teepee. Please pick one fabric as the main teepee's fabric (By default, the windows, window covers, ties, and loops are white-colored in all teepees).


    Click on any image to select

    Click on the magnifying glass on each photo to enlarge it.

    Mat's Front Side

    Choose the fabric color/design of the mat's front (top) side.

    Mat's Back Side

    Choose the fabric color/design of the mat's back (bottom) side.

    Mat's Star Patch

    Choose the fabric color/design of the star's patch, which is sewed onto the mat's front side (Sample here). We recommend choosing the same fabric you've chosen for the teepee or mat's back side.