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Amazing play spaces which promote creativity, imagination, and restful afternoons.
Kids Teepee and Play Tent


How many times did you pull all the sheets off your bed and attempt to make a blanket fort on a rainy day? Creating personal play spaces is a childhood tradition that’s probably as old as humans are. There’s something special about carving out a little pocket of space that’s all for you (and a sibling or friend) and whiling the day away.

These play teepees take all the geometric guesswork and dubious balancing out of the usual blanket fort equation, and instead offer a ready-made hideout that children absolutely love.

Now, as adults, we also understand the importance of having a décor piece that looks good, which is why our teepees come in so many different colors, patterns, and decorating themes. Choose a classic teepee to bring out a favorite color or pattern or choose a themed teepee to highlight some of your child’s favorite things. By browsing the available selections, you can make this play tent as much a part of your child’s room as the bed or the rocking chair.

We all know that kids’ rooms tend towards chaos if we leave the kids to their own devices. When we present them with play pieces which help create order, we’re making things easier on everyone. These beautiful teepees can become reading nooks, secret hideouts, or even a calming nap space. Kids love them because they’re fun and adults love them because they’re stylish and durable.


From animals to vehicles, to occupations, we have a theme your child will love!


Colors and patterns that will beautifully compliment any room theme.