Pre-Designed Teepee Tents

Our unique and exclusive designs! These made-to-order, pre-designed teepees are the perfect solution if you need your teepee delivered more quickly. Delivered in 2-7 business days.


  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

  • Handcrafted for Each Customer.

  • Fast Processing Time.

  • Huge Selection.

  • Option to Personalize.

  • Made in USA by a Family Business Who Cares. 

Made in USA by a Family Business Who Cares

Hi, I’m Lee, and I'm ready to handcraft a teepee just for you!

I began by sewing play tents for my own kids, and it wasn't long before I was doing the same for the children of friends and family members.

In my time designing these special play places, I've come to realize two very important truths: kids want their teepees to be comfy and fun, and their parents want high-quality materials, and the option to personalize designs.

So that's exactly what we do here at Teepee Joy!

Each tent is made to order, just for you. We have a wide selection of fabrics and prints available to help match your décor, and to bring out your child's imagination. Nothing is mass-produced!

We are a small, company offering individualized attention to every single project, and we believe that dedication shines through in our products.

So let's get started! Whether you've fallen in love with one of our pre-designed teepees, or you want to design something special and unique, I'm here to help!

Lee Orlian

What People are Saying...

Teepee Joy - Testimonial

I was impressed with the quality of the fabric and seams. My son is a typical rough & tumble little boy, so it’s important that his toys are durable and long-lasting.

It’s clear this teepee is of high-quality, and he will be enjoying it for a long time to come!

Jennifer L. Goshen, NY
Teepee Joy - Testimonial

Our two girls, ages 7 and 4, fell in love with their Teepee Joy. They love bringing a book, their dolls or taking a friend inside to play. What we really like is the quality of the product and the easy assembly.

The fabric and stitching is high quality and won’t come apart easily – even if the kids throw the pillows around and play rough.

I highly recommend this product!

Jessica H. Exton, PA
Teepee Joy - Testimonial

Got my Teepee Joy for my two girls, and they love it!! It shows it is all handmade, since it’s crafted beautifully and precisely.

The material is very sturdy and handles my active girls! Setup was quick and easy! The shipment was fast, and it was packed properly.

Iris C. Houston, TX

Why Teepee ?

We may have grown up in a time when adults drew a line between “play” and “learning.”

Luckily, our kids are growing up in a time when experts are realizing that play IS learning, and that encouraging creative play is an absolutely essential part of a paren's' job. Our teepees offer kids the chance to learn and play every day.


Pretend Play and Imagination are Critical in Child Development

Kids explore the world around them through play. What we see as a fun, pretend conversation between two of your child's stuffed animals is actually much more than that. Kids rehearse different life scenarios during pretend play, and each one can serve a different purpose to the child.

As children create scenarios for themselves, or for their toys, they are actually building narratives and perfecting their language skills. Providing children with an inviting and cozy space to engage in pretend play encourages them to do more learning.


Physical Development

The crawling, turning, ducking and stooping kids do to get in and out of the tent provide them with chances to improve balance and coordination. They also practice fine motor skills by tying back the door flaps, or opening and closing the window shades.

The play opportunities inside the tent are numerous too. The lack of distractions in a play teepee encourages kids to build their block towers a little higher, to color their pictures a little more thoroughly and to set up more elaborate tea parties.

teepee tent for kids


Opportunities to Socialize

Not sure what to do on a playdate? Siblings going through a rough patch of arguing? One thing that always helps kids to get along and play cooperatively is a secret hideout.

Watch as your children and their friends make up, negotiate and agree upon rules for the tent. Watch as they work together to make the games they're playing inside better and more fun. It's amazing what a change of setting, and a bit of perceived privacy will do.

kids teepee


Fun Time for Kids, Spare Time for Parents

Keeping the little ones occupied is a full-time job. Coming up with structured activities to complete from wake-up until bed-time would exhaust even the most energetic parent. Wouldn't it be great if they could just occupy themselves for a little while?

One of the most crucial aspects of child development is teaching kids that they don't need their parents to do the playing for them.

A play teepee offers a bit of safe separation which encourages kids to explore and play on their own. Kids learn independence, and parents get a bit of much-needed time to catch their breath.

Spare Time for Parents